Karnataka trying to dissuade tourists from entering Chikkamagaluru

A month ago, Karnataka’s tourism department was trying to encourage travellers to visit various destinations in the state in order to revive the sector. But with coronavirus cases rising each day in large numbers, the department has decided to go slow.

In fact, Tourism Minister C T Ravi has asked travellers coming in from Bengaluru not to flock to districts like Chikkamagaluru and adjoining hilly districts. Tourists have had to encounter locals who were quite agitated by the tourist movement in the district. There have been clashes too.

The tourism industry had gained momentum with package tours and eco-tourism activities, gaining ground last month As a result, hilly areas in Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu and Hassan attracted tourists from various parts of the state especially Bengaluru.

However, local activists stopped tourist vehicles at the entrance of towns, forcing many to return or divert.Following the increase in footfall, Chikkamagaluru district administration issued an advisory to people to cancel their tour plans. Deputy Commissioner Bagadi Gautham noted that many were visiting Mullayyana Giri, Baba Budangiri and Seethalayyana Giri areas.