Tourist vehicle operators can apply online for all-India permit

To allow tourist passenger vehicles move seamlessly across the country, a new scheme is being formulated by the Indian government under which any tourist vehicle operator may apply online for an all-India authorisation permit.

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification for an amendment to the National Permit regime under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989 for promoting tourism across the country. “The Ministry is in the pursuit of providing seamless movement to the tourist passenger vehicles after the success of goods carriage vehicles under the National Permit Regime,” the Ministry said in a statement.

This motive has culminated into a new set of rules, which henceforth will be known as, “All India Tourist Vehicles Authorisation and Permit Rules, 2020”, which can go a long way in promoting tourism across states while also enhancing their revenues.

Under this new scheme, any tourist vehicle operator may apply for an “All India Tourist Authorisation/Permit” through the online mode. All such authorisations/permits will be issued, after all the relevant documents are submitted as stipulated.

The scheme entails a flexibility in the form of authorisation/permit being granted and will be valid for a period of three months or its multiples thereof not exceeding three years at a time. This provision has been incorporated keeping in mind those areas of the country where there is a limited tourism season and also considering those operators who have limited financial capacity.

Travel and tourism industry in the country has increased manifold in the last ten-fifteen years. The growth has been contributed by both domestic and international tourists, and there is a trend of high expectation and consumer experience, the ministry noted.