Canadians get interactive map to figure out where they can travel

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A new interactive has been designed to help Canadians navigate travelling in a world still plagued by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Created by the Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable with the goal of promoting safe travel and “to help save the summer travel season,” the map allows users to enter where they’re travelling from, as well as their province of residence – at which point it will indicate where all they’re currently allowed to visit. 

Quebec residents travelling from Quebec, for example, are allowed to visit British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatoon, and Ontario, as indicated by a green colour on the map. Manitoba and Nova Scotia appear as beige, which means there are travel restrictions. A red colour means the province or territory is off-limits for the time being. 

People in Ontario are allowed to travel to the same places as those from Quebec, and the same goes for British Columbia, though residents of that province are also allowed to travel to the Yukon Territories and Manitoba. 

In addition to providing information about individual provinces, the website also links to an open letter from leaders in Canada’s tourism industry calling on the prime minister and the many premiers to open the entire country to Canadian travellers. 

“As we re-open the front doors of our homes and businesses, we need to open our country,” the webpage reads. “As Canadians, we wait all year to travel during the summer. We need the summer.” 

When it comes to international travellers, the webpage says “it’s time to mirror the measured and safe approaches taken in other countries that have started to re-open borders to safe countries.” 

Other countries Canadians can travel to with little-to-no restrictions are also listed on the website. As of Friday, the site listed Jamaica, Mexico, and Portugal as places Canadians can visit provided that they isolate for 14 days upon return.