Trump says tourists from low risk countries can travel to US soon

USA tourism

President Donald Trump has said US will soon open up to travellers arriving from low-risk countries in Europe and elsewhere.

Trump’s travel ban put on hold 26 European countries as well as the UK and Ireland, since March 13. With US deciding to ease the restrictions, it will now be possible for people from select nations which have fattened the coronavirus curve to travel to America.

Trump said travellers coming from countries with low Covid-19 risk profiles will be given the green light. “Where they’re starting to make some progress, we’ll open it up. But only where they’re making progress.”

The travel ban was initially introduced for a 30-day period, but then it was extended indefinitely when the pandemic worsened. The restrictions stopped thousands of travellers in Europe from visiting America for leisure, work or family reasons.

In the meantime, US citizens may not be able to travel to Europe. While Europe’s internal border controls are ending, there is still doubt as to whether the EU’s external borders will be open to foreigners. Given the US is seen as a high-risk country, some European states don’t plan to allow American tourists at the outset as they open up to tourism.

Most recently, US has banned Americans from travelling to Brazil, which has become the latest hotspot of the pandemic.