Croatia sees international tourism bloom again, as Slovenian guests arrive


Croatia has started to open its borders for tourists, following the improved epidemiological situation in the country.

Entry into the country is permitted to all owners of real estate and vessels, who can confirm their ownership when crossing the border with appropriate documentation. Entry is allowed to any person with proven economic or other business interests as well. Crossing the border is also possible for all tourists who have valid reservations for accommodation or boat charter.

That tourism is slowly returning to Croatia is also clear from the tourist traffic recorded during the first week since the entry of foreign citizens into the country was permitted. During May 11-17, there were about 9,000 arrivals and 85,000 overnight stays in Croatia. The largest number of arrivals was recorded in accommodation in households and in hotels. Most of the international guests came in from Slovenia and the rest were domestic travellers.

Due to bilateral agreements on the European Union level, Croatia is expected to soon see an increase in tourist traffic, primarily from nearby countries from where the Croatian destinations are easily accessible by road, such as Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and, Germany. These are the markets from which Croatia traditionally records the largest number of visitors.

An additional lure for all those who wanted to travel during the pandemic is the fact that catering facilities and restaurants have started operating in Croatia, but also public facilities – beaches, swimming pools, national parks and nature parks, as well as other tourist facilities and attractions, such as the walls of Dubrovnik, are now open to the public.

Higher intensity of tourist traffic is expected from the beginning of July when a larger number of international airlines are expected to resume their operations. In Croatia, the national carrier Croatia Airlines has reintroduced domestic flights connecting Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik, and is reintroducing other European flights.