Uttar Pradesh prepares proposal urging govt to provide salary support to tourism employees

taj mahal agra india

Almost all Indian states are concerned about the immediate future of the travel and tourism industry, which has been badly hit by the Covid-19 epidemic, but hardly any of them have come up with decisive steps.

In this context what the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government is trying to do, appears positive.

The state government should pay 50% salary of at least half of the employees working in the hospitality sector, UP’s director general (DG) of tourism Ravi Kumar has said in a draft proposal.

In the proposal prepared for a giving a “bailout package” to the tourism industry, Ravi Kumar has suggested bringing out a comprehensive policy which ensures preparedness during epidemic situations.

He has suggested that the existing tourism policy should be modified by giving a 25% discount on electricity bills of hotels and restaurants, providing a 50% relaxation in property tax till March 2021, allowing tax exemption on bar licenses of till December 2020, besides providing a compensatory amount to registered tourist guides till end of this year.

He has also suggested for exemption from road and toll tax on tourism vehicles till December 2020.

The draft proposal has been sent to the Principal Secretary (tourism) for approval.