`Anyone can have the desired outcome, if right meditation strategy is in place’

Shakti Anand Yoga

Meditation is not an act of doing. Meditation is the outcome that arises from the strategy of the tools applied, similar to profits being the outcome to a prescribed strategy in business. Currently it’s being prescribed as a cure for the impact of lock-down, as we are all isolated.

As in business where one hires a consultant or CEO to formulate a strategy, similarly one hires a suitably awakened teacher, who has the credentials which are same as qualifications and again there are layers of awakening as there are levels of consultants. We at Shakti Prem Anand advocates a consultation appropriate to the mind and body type. There is no one size that fits all.

We believe that the outcome can be had by everyone provided the appropriate strategy is in place. We assess the body and mind type and accordingly prescribe the meditation strategy.

The reasons for meditation have now been proven by science. The teacher’s state of mind is ahead at the theta delta level, whereas the average person is at beta. At this state of mind the individual is calm, relaxed, healthy, has clarity of thinking, spontaneous, intuitive, visionary, awakened, creative, and is in harmony. Their vibrational level of life is positive and for the wholeness of society. They will naturally emerge as the glue of society. The concept of One Self is evident in their decisions that are based for the group as a whole and not of a separate nature.

As said above, meditation is not to DO it is a BEING which arises from the practice of the strategy subscribed by the consultant/teacher/guru. So the way to know is to feel intuitively towards a particular teacher and you will know if what they are speaking is for your mind/body type. The teacher will also know that and may turn you away also for the same reason. It’s a commitment and involves a surrendering process and is to be qualified. It’s not like handing out a packet of candy in a sweetshop. Often what is being handed out is just visual mind relaxing balms and not strategy for meditation. As for the latter a true commitment is needed by the human body/mind type to accept that what is being given as the strategy will lead to the outcomes of the meditational practices. So there is a foundation one has to go through to ascertain if this trust and surrender can happen as in a dating, call it an initial consultation phase.

We at Shakti Prem Anand welcome consultations that are free. We speak on this area of meditation to you or your organisation. The aim of Shakti Prem Anand is to bring transcendence of this mind state to reality through the Force of Love Academy. We first establish the relationship with ourselves to have the appropriate external relationships, which is fundamentally the goal and outcome of meditation also. We call this One Self and the transcendence is the mind management to a theta delta consciousness state of being, and then to apply this to our reality of relationships and circumstances. Book a free session on this topic, or book to a 5-day retreat in Ibiza October 2020 and or join our one on one foundation level of 7 sessions online. We can arrange bespoked group sessions for your company as well.

(The author is Shakti Shira Bassi, based in United Kingdom, and she is the Founder of Yoga & Shakti Anand trust)