Porsche to support transportation needs to tackle epidemic

Porsche is stepping up its corporate social responsibility in response to the coronavirus pandemic. After stopping production on March 21 for an initial period of two weeks, the car manufacturer is also redirecting resources to help those in need. The Executive Board of Porsche AG is working intensively on concrete measures that will enable the company to provide support.

Specialist staff such as medically experienced personnel or IT experts have been deployed to carry out voluntary work. Assistance with technical materials and supplies, such as procurement of personal protective equipment has been identified as another field of activity. Food donations to charitable organisations are a key feature too. Vehicles and logistics operations in the event of specific supply bottlenecks and transport needs, will also be provided.

“Porsche already supports a large number of charitable initiatives and we are significantly extending this commitment during the coronavirus crisis. There are people who urgently need help and we are concentrating on providing humanitarian aid,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG. “We can overcome the pandemic only if we work together and show solidarity.”

In addition to the initial two-week pause in production, there is also a ban on business travel at Porsche. Instead, mobile working has significantly increased and meetings now take place by video or telephone conference only.