Hyderabad foodies can now dine up in the sky

Cloud Dining Restaurant, the first restaurant in the city that will allow people to have a fly dining experience, has  opened at Hitec City, opposite Shiparamam in Hyderabad.

This foodie palace is divided into two parts, one is Cloud Dining and the other one is Cloud Dining Restaurant. In the Cloud Dining, which is 160 feet above the ground, a total of 26 people can enjoy sky dining at a time and it will host three sessions in the evening. Each session is limited to one hour and, one can book it through the website or give a ring at 9154026385. As the cloud dining is limited to 26 people in each session, the owners have arranged a seating capacity of 150 people in the Cloud Dining Restaurant on the ground with 49 dishes in the menu for lunch and dinner buffet. All of the dishes are specially curated and crafted by the 2013 Master Chef winner Ripu Daman Handa.

Once you register  to dine in Cloud Dining in the sky, you will be taken to 160 feet height with the help of crane in a dining table like structure. The passengers will be protected with seat belts and will be accompanied to the top with trained staffs. The dining table like structure will be an open space from all the sides except a ceiling in the top. To make this experience even more memorable for the customers, the restaurant has also included live music. The sky dining experience will be a combination of a great view, food and music.

Buffet cost: On the ground: Rs 499 per person, In the sky: Rs 4,999 per person