Shaman healer introduces pioneering longevity programme at Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

A Shaman healer has introduced a pioneering programme at Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal, revealing ancient secrets to ‘hack the human DNA’ to prevent disease and increase longevity. Dr Alberto Villoldo’sGrow a New Body programme runs from November 03 to 10 at the five-star luxury resort. It combines the ancient wisdom of Shamanic healers with latest advances in neuroscience, medicine and nutrition.

A world-renowned psychologist, anthropologist and shamanic healer, Dr Villoldo was the youngest clinical professor at San Francisco State University. He later spent 25 years studying shamanic healing practices in the Amazon and Andes before founding the world-renowned Four Winds Society and Light Body School.

Dr Villoldo states all humans have the codes for longevity located within ‘password protected’ regions of our DNA, and we must learn how to access them. He says the body can transform within just one week by mastering the genes responsible for health and disease, while upgrading the brain, boosting energy levels and increasing immunity.

The programme is also crucially designed to help heal chronic conditions and help prevent what Dr Villoldo describes as the ‘three horsemen of the apocalypse’ and the plague of western civilisation – cancer, cardiovascular disease and dementia.

“The human body risks becoming a toxic wasteland as environmental poisons and manufacturing chemicals continue to find their way onto our dinner plates and our drinking water,” he said. “Add genetically modified foods, antibiotics, refined grain and sugar, as well as heavy metals to the mix, and the trillions of gut-friendly bacteria fail to thrive or produce essential neurotransmitters.

“When I travelled in the Amazon, I found there was no heart disease, no dementia and no cancer. Researchers later discovered these are the illnesses of civilisation. As soon as the Amazonians began to eat like us, they began to get sick like us too. However, the Amazon shamans discovered how to stimulate innate repair programmes in the body and effectively hack the human biology to express longevity.

“They understood that the way to practice optimum wellness was not to treat disease but to create the conditions for health and switch on the higher intelligence programmes of the neo-cortex or ‘new brain’. This remains at the core of our programme at Six Senses Douro Valley. We focus on how to awaken the natural intelligence of the body to prevent the diseases we cannot treat. Ultimately, if you can take control of your own genetics destiny and you can effectively grow a new body.”

The ‘Grow a New Body’ programme has been refined in the USA, and a dedicated research centre in Chile with hundreds of clients. Within just seven days, it can ‘switch on’ more than 200 genes responsible for generating health, while silencing more than 500 genes leading to disease. The programme has recorded a 72 percent drop in negative symptoms within one week including ailments affecting the head, heart, mind, lungs and digestive system.

The programme involves a series of steps – firstly detoxing and upgrading the brain with neuro-nutrients, before engaging longevity genes through superfoods, a process known as epigenetics. Intermittent fasting delivers deep repair to the body, before upgrading the gut with potent probiotics.

Further activities include hikes and immersion in nature, yoga, oxygen altitude-training sessions and LED therapy. Guests can also explore shamanic energy medicine practices to release emotional trauma known to create disease. This is achieved by upgrading the ‘luminous energy field’ which surrounds the physical body, instructing cells and organs to achieve greater harmony.

Six Senses Douro Valley is located within a UNESCO World heritage site and in little more than four years, it has firmly established itself as one of Portugal’s leading hotels. Set in a renovated 19th-century manor house it offers an expansive spa, fine and wholesome wining and dining, organic gardens and nature trails.

General Manager Nick Yarnell of Six Senses Douro Valley said: “Our partnership with Dr Villoldo epitomizes our commitment to guest rejuvenation and our desire to deliver pioneering wellness experiences. The ‘Grow a New Body’ programme is really the first of its kind to be delivered in Europe and led by Dr Villoldo’s team who specializes in the field of healing and energy medicine.Over the years, we have taken guests on a journey of discovery depending on how deep they wanted to go in the pursuit of wellness and we are delighted to introduce a new programme that pushes the boundaries into other less visible fields of sacred energy and connection.”