To stay competitive in search in 2020, you need an optimization approach: David Carollo

David Carollo from Singapore, in a session on ‘Secrets of Search Engine Rankings’, at the International Conference on Tourism Technology, said algorithms continue to evolve, perpetually making thousands of improvements. “Those tasked with creating or optimizing content need to be aware of these modifications and their effect. To stay competitive in search in 2020, you need an optimization approach that reflects a successful search engine result,” he said.

The search engine results are generally tracking tools attempting to provide an answer with algorithms that combine lots of factors: search volumes, ranking positions, conversion rate and user intent. “There are over 20,000 algorithms but we cannot apply all of it. Instead we have to figure out which are the best tags, descriptions and SEO title that will get us the maximum number of tractions. Try to keep a single focus for maximum result by using structured data to optimise content,” said David Carollo, founder of WeBranding Digital Marketing.

He pointed out that comprehensive content significantly helps the option in search engine results. “Avoid using generic phases; instead use keywords in the title of the page. Google’s search algorithms have become more sophisticated as search queries have become more complex. Ensure that you link relevant subjects/topics only,” he said. “For example, if you are a hotel based in Kochi and you have linked a page of 10 things to do in Kochi is very relevant. Google will accept it compared to random link 1on travel. So, ensure you have optimum SEO for maximum output.”