India ranks 34th on world travel, tourism competitiveness index: World Economic Forum

Moving up six places up, India now ranks 34th position on world travel and tourism competitiveness index. The growth has been driven by the rich natural and cultural resources, alongside strong price competitiveness.

“India, which accounts for the majority of South Asia’s T&T (travel and tourism) GDP, remains the sub-region’s most competitive T&T economy, moving up six places to rank 34th globally. India showed the greatest percentage improvement to its overall Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) score, which has helped it become the only lower-middle income country in the top 35,” said the report.

China, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, and India currently stand out in the Cultural Resources and Business Travel Pillar as per the report. All of these nations are not high-income economies but still rank in the top 35.

The report further stated that India has better air infrastructure, ranked at 33; group and port infrastructure ranked at 28; international openness ranked at 51; natural resources ranked at 14; and cultural resources ranked at 8th place.