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Chaliyar River Paddle to be held on September 20

Jellyfish Water Sports attempts to bring together people who love water and water sports to spread awareness about conserving water bodies through different kinds of paddling activities acting as a springboard for the cause. ‘Chaliyar River Paddle’ is the 6th edition of this annual event by Jellyfish Water Sports.

The three-day paddling event held from September 20th to September 22nd, 2019 targets water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, tourists, children and people from all walks of life. Promoting water sports like kayaking, SUPing, and canoeing will help build the connection, turning more and more youngsters and tourists into evangelists of clean waters.

The event starts at Nilambur, located on the foothills of Western Ghats with close proximity to Nilgiris and the ending point is at Beypore in Kozhikode district, where the river meets with the Arabian Sea. The Chaliyar River Paddle has something for everyone. From beginners to non-swimmers to well-established water sports enthusiasts. Not just that, from 10 yrs to 70 yrs, it’s open for all. For those on the water for the first time, kayak lessons will be offered on the first day to prepare you for the adventure. Stand-up paddlers are also invited to join our Stand-up paddling troop.

The early birds get special discounts on the package that includes one-person tent, 3 meals each day and watersports equipment. Hygiene is uncompromisable, so we have arranged for eco-toilets, a combination of comfort and functionality. Apart from the exciting journey on the water, the campsite will be a perfect place to unwind and bond with fellow paddlers. Apart from camping, bonfires and team activities, participants get a peek into the culture through authentic Kerala delicacies and local tribal music.

While people love exploring water bodies, what’s missing is sensitivity towards sustainable travel. From superficial love to building real connection, from worshipping them to respecting them so as to curb domestic and industrial pollution, bringing about this change in everyone’s mindset is the motto. Water adventure sports like rafting take place in hill stations, only where water is fresh but as we come towards the plain-land, rivers are reduced to a drain as they are used more for commercial than recreational purposes.

From a highly polluted, cancer-inducing river, Chaliyar is now one of the most beautiful, serene rivers in Kerala. It has bounced back, by giving new life to the flora and fauna, all thanks to the Chaliyar Action Committee who fought for the cause of the river with the support of local villagers, to shut down a factory, the real culprit behind all the pollution. This movement should continue since it’s not just about helping rivers and backwaters in Kerala, but to make a difference to all water bodies across the country which are in dire need for conservation.

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