Let’s snorkel with sharks at the Shark Island

Let’s go to Sharjah’s picturesque mountain ranges over-looking crystal blue waters speckled with volcanic looking close-to-shore-islands. A short way off the east coast of Sharjah, lies a small rocky island that boasts of sandy beaches perfect for colourful aquatic life for snorkeling.

Shark Island is an idyllic spot for swimming and sunbathing. Schools of fish, anemones and sea turtles make it a treat for snorkellers, while divers flock here for the beautiful rock formations teeming with moray eels, rays and Arabian angelfish.

You can take a small boat to the island, where there are shacks on the beach to rent snorkels, fins and masks. Local dive centres can organise day trips and equipment rental for scuba divers. It’s also a lovely spot for a beach picnic.

Shark Island is just offshore from Khorfakkan and you can take a day trip from the shore; it is easy to get to the island. Khorfakkan is one of the most scenic places in the region, so don’t miss it. While you are at Khorfakkan, you can also enjoy windsurfing, water skiing, and boat cruises. While at Khorfakkan, you should also make the time to visit the parks, mountains and the Rifaisa Dam. With its rich past, the area is full of many historic structures you can also explore.