‘TRIBHUM – The Mystical Three Worlds’ in Phuket enthralls visitors

Thailand’s Phuket has been well renowned domestically and internationally for its charms. From spectacular beaches, local cuisine, tropical lifestyle, marine sports, health and retreat resorts, friendly locals to rich natural resources, Phuket has everything we can imagine to offer.  Recently a new tourism attraction has added to its list of the sought after tourist destinations in the world.

Stretching across the 10,000 square meter space in front of Floresta Zone of Central Phuket, ‘TRIBHUM – The Mystical Three Worlds’ is the newest theme park, inaugurated on 1st February 2019. THRIBHUM is actually not just an ordinary theme park as it offers an exotic adventure in a mystic territory transpired from a folklore that portrays the grandeur of traditional Thai identity, proving its pride as one of the most amazing man-made attractions in Thailand.

Having blended an international storytelling approach with modern fantasy for the very first time in the world, ‘TRIBHUM is totally a novel approach in amusement parks.  It is the World’s First 3D Walkthrough Adventure Theme Park’ which tells an international tale that is easy for everyone to comprehend. The storytelling has fused this traditional Thai belief with modern playthings that boast 3D interactive presentation.

Garuda – the mythical Eagle

THRIBHUM features a traditional tale portraying the hunt of Amrita (holy water) between Garuda (the mystical eagle, which is believed to be the vehicle of Narayana – Lord Vishnu) and Naga (the Serpent King). As visitors step in, the theme park will marvel them as they venture through the three worlds.

Naga – the Serpent King

Starting from Silver Mountain or the territory of Garuda that will astonish everyone with the ‘Garuda Vimana’ (Eagle flight) rendered in a life-like animation of 360-degree Garuda DOME. Get thrilled with Silver Glider, the first and only glider in Thailand with the height of a 4-storey building, that uses a Gravity system with the distance of more than 200 meters that makes the thrill of gravity achieve the speed of over 45 km/h, guaranteed with the highest safety standards controlled by world-class experts.

Move further to the Crystal Path, a 60-metre glass bridge on a thrilling height of 20 metres above the ground that leads to the observation point of TRIBHUM.  Venture in the Demon Maze to risk dangers among an amazing maze to flee from chasing demons.

Following the Silver Mountain is the Underwater World where visitors will delve deep down to the earth’s navel. First, board the Adventure Cruise, intrude into the stomach of legendary earth-sized fish and stun with an underwater life. Explore further to witness thousands of real fireflies living in the world’s first and only virtual ecosystem. Finally, Thailand’s first 4D Flying Theatre will excite the audience with an advanced propulsion system specially designed for TRIBHUM.

Arriving at the third world, the Magic Forest will thrill everyone instantly with Wild Illusion a kaleidoscope that transforms life-like images into unthinkable illusion underneath a massive glass pyramid. Marvel at the Talking Tree, a peculiar plant that changes your voice into one of  TRIBHUM’s magical plants.

Get thrilled at Blood Flower Cave and flee from starving blood flowers. Wander through to the Tree of Truth that puts a spell to make us become TRIBHUM inhabitants in disguise. Challenge sensual skills with Wa-Na Kampu Monkeys that guard the Magic Forest at the ‘Acting as a rock’ play to avoid the playful monkeys’ sharp eyes and enter into TRIBHUM without alerting anyone. Reach the Kinaree Pond to steal a glance at the majestic creature.

Thrilling experience at ‘TRIBHUM – The Mystical Three Worlds’ is unique. With its phenomenal concept and cutting-edge technology that will excite visitors, we believe Phuket will stand shoulder to shoulder with other global seaside towns and will serve as the world’s must-visit destination in Thailand.

‘TRIBHUM -The Mystical Three Worlds’ is open every day from 11am to 8pm except on Wednesdays. Admission fees are as follows: Adult 1,500 baht, Child (Height 90-120 cm.) 750 baht, Senior (60 years old or above) 750 baht, Children whose height is below 90 cm. and Disable (Disabled ID card required) are free.

Prices for special plaything  are like – Silver Glider 500 baht, Adventure Cruise 300 baht. The theme park is well equipped with restaurants, souvenir shop and concierge.