The Best Trips of 2019 by National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Traveler magazine reveals its 28 must-see destinations and travel experiences for 2019. Together, Traveler editors and National Geographic Explorers have selected their top places to travel across four categories: Cities, Nature, Culture, and Adventure.

The year’s Best Trips list is relevant, surprising and inspiring, highlighting a globe-spanning mix of destinations from the Peruvian Amazon to Kansas City, Missouri.

“Our Best Trips issue features 28 destinations and experiences that can inspire us, change our perspectives and connect us with cultures, places and ideas that matter in the world,” says George Stone, National Geographic Traveler editor in chief. “The issue is packed with spectacular National Geographic photography and is driven by our mission to explore, conserve, respect and engage with our planet.”

National Geographic’s Best Trips destinations for 2019 are:

Dakar, Senegal. Photo Courtesy: Spiritedpursuit_leelitumbe


Dakar, Senegal
Salvador, Brazil
Kansas City, Missouri
Toronto, Canada
Matera, Italy
Perth, Australia
Mexico City, Mexico


Fanjingshan, China

Peruvian Amazon
Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
South Walton County, Florida
Fanjingshan, China
Tahiti, French Polynesia


Vervey, Switzerland

Cairo, Egypt
Hoang Lien Son, Vietnam
Galway, Ireland
Bauhaus Trail, Germany
Oakland, California
Vevey, Switzerland
Dordogne, France



Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, New Mexico
Isla de los Estados, Argentina
Canterbury Region, New Zealand
Caño Cristales River, Colombia

The Best Trips digital experience includes highlights on each destination selected for the list as well as National Geographic’s iconic photography that transports audiences to the chosen locales. Visitors are able to dive even deeper into four of the Best Trips destinations—Mexico City, Tahiti, Dordogne and Oman—with feature stories in the issue.