Thailand, Singapore & US are the most favoured tourist destinations for Indians: Study

India is the second largest most populous country in the world with the tag of fastest-growing major economy globally. Due to this economic growth, its people are earning more year on year and their disposable income is also growing. Air connectivity from India to foreign locations has also improved significantly over a period of time. First-time Indian visitors generally prefer to visit Asian countries due to their proximity to India and being less expensive compared to western destinations. In the case of long-haul travel Indians prefer going to United States (US), Australia, Europe, New Zealand etc.

Thailand, Singapore and United States are the most favorite Tourist Destination for Indians and number of Indian business tourists visited Japan is bigger than holiday tourists number, says the Research and Market report.

According to this research analysis, the number of business tourist from India visited Japan is larger than the number of holiday tourist. Indian outbound business tourist to China is also showing positive trend and will continue in forecast period of time. Indian tourists visit Thailand in huge numbers because of its affordability and proximity. Thailand currency (Thai Baht) is gaining the benefit of tourism arrival due to a strong position against Dollar and Euro.

The United States is the prime destination for Indian outbound travelers in the world. Around more than 1/3rd, the total worldwide expenditure by Indian tourist is spent in the United States alone. United States is a popular destination for the entire segment like holiday, VFR, Business and Others.

Market Dynamics

Growth Drivers:

  • Foreign Tourism Boards Encourage Indian Outbound Travelers with Incentives
  • Countries Tourism Board Opening Tourism Offices in India
  • Growing Middle Class Population with Higher Disposable Income in India
  • Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI) & Proliferation of the Internet Promoting Quality Tourism


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