Facebook dating now arrives in Thailand and Canada

“Facebook Dating” service test was first launched in Colombia in September. And, now Facebook has expanded its dating feature test to two new countries – Canada and Thailand.

The feature included user-integration with Groups and Events on the social networking platform with the idea to encourage people to meet in public.

For the tests in Canada and Thailand, Facebook has new functionalities. Among them is a feature called the “Second Look” that allows users to reconsider a previous decision. With this new added feature, one can pause matching in case they are no longer looking to date. The feature is available inside the main Facebook app itself.

The test feature is now available to users 18 and above, free of cost and without any advertisements or premium features. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg originally announced the app at the company’s F8 keynote, popularly called F8 developer conference in San Jose, California in May 2018.