Chef’s Corner: Elish Maccher Paturi

After a gap, Chef Tim Robinson is back with an exciting dish. Elish Maccher Paturi, a Bengali favourite, is a fish lover’s delight.


8 pieces hilsa fillets, cleaned
1 half tbsp mustard paste, very finely ground
½ tbsp fresh turmeric paste
½ tsp red chili paste
Salt to taste
100 ml mustard oil
4-5 green chillies slit
4 nos banana leaves, washed, dried and halved
8 pieces string


Combine the mustard paste, fresh turmeric paste, red chili paste, salt mustard oil and green chillies.apply the mixture properly on both sides of each fillet.
Place each fillet in a half banana leaf, fold the sides over neatly and tie with string to make a packet.

Arrange the packets on a frying pan low flame for 15 minutes, turning over packets after every 5 minutes. Flame off; leave to stand for 2 minutes before serving with rice.

Chef Tim Robinson

Chef Tim Robinson, who has 18 years experience in hospitality industry, offers some unique recipes exclusively for the readers of Tourism News Live.