Odisha’s Sikharchandi to be developed into a tourist hub

Sikharchandi, located near Chandaka Industrial Estate in Odisha, is all set to get a makeover. The state government is planning to develop the region into a tourist hub.

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and the Department of Tourism have joined together to develop the place into a tourist hub, making it more vibrant with recreational activities.

“We have forwarded a proposal to the development authority to develop a plan for Sikharchandi in consultation with them,” said an official of the tourism department.

At present, Sikharchandi is more of a picnic spot than a tourist site. Sikharchandi is the presiding deity of the area and the temple is situated on the hilltop. People going up the hill now use a curvy pitch road to reach the temple and picnic spots located on the hill.

There are many rare plant species on the hill and the localites are hopeful that a detailed study to conserve them by the forest department, will restore the plant species.