Boracay re-opens with bans on eating, drinking and swimming on the beach

Boracay has re-opened to tourists visiting the Philippines  after it was forced to close down due to the high levels of sewage and damage that was ruining it. The visitors will be allowed from October 26.

The six-month closure has led to a number of new rules for tourists to follow. The island, which was forced to close in April, restrict most of the popular beach activities such as smoking or drinking alcohol as well as dining on the beach. It is also said that there are restrictions regarding building sandcastles.

Water excursions such as boats and skiing and diving activities are suspended for now. There will be no souvenir shops, casinos or fire dancing using kerosene on the beaches. After the re-opening, only 19,000 tourists are allowed to stay on the island at any given time.

The island will not be fully open until December 2019 as repairs continue to take place.