Fiji to enhance infrastructure to boost tourism

Fiji is aiming at enhancing its infrastructure to improve tourism in the country. It also plans to increase export to Australia.

As per Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, Fijian minister for Industry, Trade, Tourism, Lands and Mineral Resources, Fiji is expanding infrastructure to boost tourism. It was disclosed by the minister while in a meeting with Mark Coulto, Australian assistant minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment in Momi Bay, at the Australia-Fiji Business Forum.

“We are expanding our ports and making them more efficient. We are enhancing our national infrastructure to a new standard of climate resilience and we are extending essential services like water, electricity, telecommunications and internet to every corner of the country,” said Koya.

Fiji’s tourism industry has been showing steady growth in recent years and the industry is estimated to grow to USD One billion by 2021, the minster added.

During the forum, the two ministers also discussed further opportunities for increasing trade and investment links.

Bread Fruit

Fiji will soon start to export breadfruit to Australia and the agreement may extend to other produce including capsicum, chillies and others.