‘Kambala Natti’ festival to be held at Wayanad to encourage collective farming

Kerala is on its path of revival, after a month long catastrophe due to rain and flood. Various activities are going on in different parts of the state to reinstate its past glory.

As part of the rebuilding endeavours, Kabani Community Tourism and Services, a Kozhikode based tourism company, is organizing an event in the name ‘Nambu – Naam Anbode (we, with love), to encourage collective farming at Wayanad.

Under this programme, the organizers are planning to undertake over six acres of land to cultivate rice. Several farmers and about hundred patrons will join hands to produce rice, where the beneficiaries are both consumers and farmers. It will be organic farming, without the usage of pesticides and harmful fertilizers and the farmers promise buyers maximum yield and pure, chemical free rice.

The planting of paddy will be started on 2nd October 2018 with the traditional ‘Kambala Natti’ festival of Wayanad, an age old traditional festival held during paddy transplantation.

‘Kamabala Natti’ is a traditional festival followed by the tribal community of Wayand, during planting of saplings in the paddy field.  While men sing folk songs and play traditional bugles and percussion instruments, women will plant the saplings with the rhythm of the music.

The organizers exhort people to be part of the programme to make it successful. People can be part of the programme as a patron, by buying one unit of the 100 shares. One unit costs Rs 3000, and thus the organizers envisages to accumulate Rs 3 lakshs as initial investment for the project. The investors can get back organic and healthy produce at a reasonable market price.

Those who are interested can also become part of versatile cultural events and gatherings held at different stages of paddy cultivation or can stay at home stays of Wayanad and experience the village tourism.

To know more about the event, contact Sumesh on 9645144252