Ixigo partners with Treebo Hotels

ixigo has announced a partnership with Treebo Hotels for sales and distribution of the latter’s inventory. “This partnership will bring on board an additional list of over 400 budget hotels across 80 cities in India,” said a press statement.

Treebo is a key player in the domestic hospitality industry and budget hotel category. With the new partnership, ixigo users are now be able to search, view and book a Treebo accommodation on its apps and website.

The ixigo-Treebo partnership will enable business travellers and AC-class train passengers to find the best accommodations, not only in metro cities but also in tier II and III cities.

“We are pleased to partner with Treebo Hotels. Going forward, this will extensively benefit ixigo users by offering hotels in a wide variety of locations, within various categories and price ranges. Ixigo helps plan and manage nearly 4 million trips every month, and a significant percentage of those travellers are looking for affordable and reliable accommodation,” said Aloke Bajpai, CEO and co-founder of ixigo.

“This integration of Treebo’s hotel inventory on ixigo will help both the brands grow significantly by providing customers access to top quality accommodation across the country, based on their budget. We will be able to tap into the dominant mindshare ixigo has built among flight and train travellers, and the 20 million monthly active users on their platform,” said Treebo Hotels co-founder Rahul Chaudhary.