Eco Tourism

Goan schools to have agro eco-tourism in curriculum

Goa government plan to include agro-eco tourism in the school syllabus. It was suggested by the ICAR-Central Coast Agricultural Research Institute (CCARI) and they are said to be in the process of writing to the state education department recommending this. An agro eco-tourism unit has already launched in the state equipped with a range of agricultural activities and display of various operations like mushroom production, bee hives etc.

“When the agro eco-tourism unit has launched, lots of schools have contacted us showing their interest. We are writing to the government to include this in the school curriculum. We may also write to the schools to send their students to visit the unit” said EB Chakurkar, Director of the Institute.

The unit also display a number of insects and medicinal plants. Children are normally very curious about insects and plants. Many students might not have seen medicinal plants in real life, except in books or videos. “There are several medicinal plants and insects in the unit, which would be of interest to the children,” he added.