Boating resumes at Thekkady after rains

Kerala’s popular tourist destination, Thekkady, famous for the Tiger Reserve and wild life sanctuary, which has been closed following the rains, is returning to its normal days. The ban on tourism and operation of heavy vehicles, following rain and floods, has revoked last day by the District Collector. As soon as the restrictions have lifted, tourists started flowing to Thekkady.

Lots of people came to Thekkady lake to enjoy boating. Members of different organizations operating in the region have come to experience boating after the havoc created by the rigorous rain.

Most of the roads to Thekkady have damaged due to flood and landslides. The reinstating works are in progressing at remarkable pace.

“Currently vehicles, other than big buses can traverse through the Munnar-Thekkady road. We hope everything will be reinstated within a short while,” said Jiju James, Secretary, Thekkady Destination Promotion Council (TDPC), to Tourism News Live.

During the floods, TDPC members were also in the forefront of the rescue and relief operations in other parts of the state.

Meanwhile, Kerala is slowly recovering from the devastating floods that caused widespread destruction to the state. Some of the areas of Kuttanad, Alappuzha are still under water. The state government has formulated plans to rebuild Kerala, but the things are beyond the capacity of a state government. Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala, has been appealing to the world to contribute generously to the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund to take Kerala back to its golden days.