World’s longest non-stop flight will have a gym and bunks

The longest flight I have ever had is my flight to Taiwan, back in 2014, which made travel almost 4400 kilometres in a flight. And, in those long hours spent in the flight,  I finished two movies, had a couple of snacks and slept for some time, and still, there was more time left made me stare at the ceiling. The thought of a non-stop 20 hour flight, which is going to be the longest flight, was literally a blow for me. But, the Qantas Airways flight between London and Sydney, is not going to be the mundane, boring travel it seems. There will be everything from in-flight gyms to bunk beds in the flight, which will literally take you around half the planet.

The Project Sunrise will roughly carry 300 passengers. The aircraft will be designed in a manner to have extra fuel in case of emergencies and will also include child-care facilities. It is almost a year since Qantas CEO Alan Joyce had spoken about the plan to make the longest flight viable.

“We’re challenging ourselves to think outside the box,” he said. “Would you have the space used for other activities — exercise, bar, creche, sleeping areas and berths? Boeing and Airbus have been actually quite creative in coming up with ideas,” said Joyce.

The current longest flight record is with Qatar Airways for their Boeing 777-200 LR which goes from Auckland to Doha covering a distance of 14,535 km in 17 hours 40 minutes. Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines Ltd, is planning to restart its non-stop service to New York on October 11, which is a 19-hour service.