India among top ten favourite countries for Chinese tourists

As per the report published by in association with Ipsos, a global market research and a consulting firm; India ranks among the top ten popular destinations for Chinese tourists in Asia. The report says around 2 laksh Chinese tourists visited India during 2017.

Mumbai and Delhi are the most favourite destinations for Chinese travellers with 69 and 51 per cent Chinese tourist footfalls respectively.

The report was formulated during May 2018 by conducting interviews with 3,047 Chinese residents, within the age group of 18-58 years, who had travelled abroad in the past 12 months.

The main sources of inspiration for Chinese travellers are Bollywood and film industry, which is popular with Chinese people. Film and television inspires around 62 per cent Chinese to visit India.

More than half of the tourists were lured by the timeless monument of love – Taj Mahal, around 38 per cent said the desire to come to India is because the place was the location of a favourite television series or film.

Interestingly, 26 per cent added Taj Mahal to their visit list, after seeing their favourite celebrity has visited it, the report says.

“Social media also one of the influencing factor for luring Chinese tourists to visit India,” said Nelson Allen, the Brand General Manager,

Around 52 per cent of Chinese travellers were allured by the news feed in social media around 30 per cent of old generation people said their choices are influenced by their cyber crazy children.

Selfies and travel brags were a huge part of the Chinese millennial travel experience in 2017, with 63 per cent using the reverse camera angle to boost those likes and build their social brand.

62 per cent of the Chinese travellers think India is a selfy-worthy place due the abundance of picturesque towns. For 62 per cent it is the natural beauty and for 49 per cent it is indigenous local foods that woo them, while 40 per cent think the vibrant local culture is the feature that is selfy-worthy.