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Green Planet – the man-made tropical rain-forest in Dubai

The Green Planet is Dubai’s own man-made tropical rain-forest. With more than 3,000 species of plants, animals and birds, this green oasis is a sanctuary of exotic flora and fauna.

Aiming to educate guests about the important role the tropical forest plays in the future of our planet, The Green Planet exposes Dubai to another world within its glass dome. Responsibly sourced species include sloths, snakes, sugar gliders, spiders and a vast array of birds.

Appealing to visitors of all ages, this spot is perfect for a family outing. The bio-dome is made up of four levels: the Canopy, the Midstory, the Forest Floor and the Flooded Rain-forest. Each level discusses the role and the importance every part of a rain-forest plays.

The canopy forms the roof of the rain-forest, absorbing the majority of the sunlight and diffusing the rainfall. It stands at a staggering height of approximately 30-45 meters above the ground.

The Midstory is the middle layer of the rain-forest, where trees commonly have large leaves in order to absorb any sunlight filtered down through the canopy. Here, there is more open space than above and more sunlight than the forest floor below.

Forest Floor is as the name mentions is humid, quiet and dark. Unlike the other more bright and lively layers, barely any sunlight reaches the floor

Flooded Rain-forest -As much life as there is above ground, a lot of activity happens below. Over 3m of rain falls each year, flooding rivers and streams that provide the perfect living conditions for all kinds of animals.

Visitors can also explore the bat caves which a lies in unique new trail through the bio-dome. Guests follow a dimly-lit enclosed path with Seba’s short-tailed fruit bats flitting around, or hanging from cervices in cave walls while enjoying their fruit and nectar diet.

The Green Planet is an experience for the senses with creatures roaming and waterfalls running. Individual tickets are available to purchase with separate prices for adults and children, as well as multi-pass tickets. Bookings for groups of 15 or more are also available.

Located at one of Dubai’s most popular lifestyle districts, City Walk, The Green Planet is situated amongst a range of eateries to enjoy before or after your rain-forest adventure.