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Health Travel Bazar holds great hope on Ayush Conclave

The programmes to go along with the much awaited International Ayush Conclave (IAC 2018), which is scheduled to conduct from 7th to 11th September 2018, has just been finalsed. And, Ayush Health Travel Bazar is already holding great hopes. The Bazar will have representations from different Ayurvedic Treatment Centers in Kerala, international tour operators in the wellness industry and media persons working in the sector etc. Ayush Health Travel Bazar will discuss how to develop the infrastructure for Ayush-based health tourism and the accumulation of resources for the same. The interaction between tour operators and the service providers is expected to garner new opportunities in the sector.

This four-day event is the first ever event which is specifically organised by the Government of Kerala for the ultimate showcase of the growth and scientific development of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy) systems of medicines in Kerala. The conclave will also help Kerala’s Ayush sector to interact and cooperate with international organizations and entrepreneurs. The conclave will feature International Seminar, National Health Expo, Business Meet, LSG Leaders’ Meet, Ayurvedic Medicine Workshop, Health and Food Workshop, Farmers Meet, Ayush Solidarity Meet, Ayush Start-up Conclave etc.

Possibilities and intervention of Ayush medical practices in the public health sector will be the main subject of the International Seminar. Prominent academicians, clinicians, researchers etc. will present their views. Once the seminar is completed, a comprehensive report will be published, which can be utilized for the development of the sector.

The National Health Expo is to introduce the Ayush system of medicine to the public. Home pavilions substantiating the scientific base for the Ayush system of medicine, new trends and developments in the Ayush sector, manufactures of Ayush medicines,  different scientific and research institutions displaying their achievements to the public etc. will be featured in the expo.  Expo also facilitates the launch of new products developed with proprietary license by medicine manufactures. It also organizes a medicinal plant show for the public, showcasing thousands of medicinal plants.

Discussions will also be held in formulating an Ayurvedic Medical Policy during the conclave. Along with this, medicine manufacturing sectors of other Ayush medical streams also will be debated. Views and concerns of farmers, manufactures, traders, medical practitioners and the general public in this sector will be considered. This workshop will be part of the efforts of the government to formulate an Ayurvedic Medical Policy as declared earlier.

A 3-day demonstrative Kitchen Pharmacy is also organised by the Ayush experts and different good food movement of Kerala. Around 2000 registered representatives, 500 expert invitees, 100 research oriented speeches, 200 exponents form the industrial sector, 50 government and self-governing agencies and 200 representatives from abroad, including expatriate Indians will be participating in the IAC 2018.