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Yoga Ambassadors are all set to learn Kalaripayattu

The Yoga Ambassadors Tour have reached Thekkady on June 17 where they were greeted by the Thekkady Destination Promotion Council. The ambassadors received a very warm welcome and they were excited to pose pictures with the elephant who was brought to the hotel to welcome them. The delegates fed the elephant with plantains and also posed for pictures with it. Elissa Chrisson from Sydney and Chavda Ankur Ambarambhai from Singapore did a yoga demonstration for the TDPC officials and staff.

The team was then headed to Poetree Sarovar Portico Thekkady, where they had their dinner followed by a Kalaripayattu performance. Otto Schreier from UK, a self-taught martial artist was all excited to witness the display of traditional martial arts of Kerala. “Though I am teaching martial arts in UK for quite some time, I have never heard of Kalaripayattu before coming to the trip. When I joined the tour, my fellow yoga ambassadors were all talking to me about Kalaripayattu and I was waiting for an opportunity to see it. The artists were exceptionally good and I am going to come back here to learn it,” said a very excited Otto.

But, unlike Otto, Konstantin from Russia was very much aware of the traditional martial arts of Kerala. “I have been hearing a lot about Kalaripayattu and I am amazed by the performance of the team. They are really flexible and dedicated, and I look forward to learn this form sometime soon,” said Konstantin adding that it is very difficult for him to express his excitement through words.

Considered among the oldest and most scientific martial arts in the world, the primary aim of the training is the ultimate coordination between mind and body. Another focus of Kalaripayattu is specialization in indigenous medicinal practices. The six member team demonstrated different techniques including sword fight, dagger fight, spear fight and physical exercises associated with the Kalaripayattu training.