Uday Samudra’s Satvic dinner is a hit among YAT delegates

By catering the indigenous tastes of Kerala, Hotel Uday Samudra, Kovalam, delighted the delegates of the Yoga Tour on the second day of the tour. The yogis were taking their dinner, after an eventful day in Kovalam and Kanyakumari.

Muthirakkanji, drumstick leaves thoran, vazhachudu mezhukkupuratti, (dish made of plantain stem) pavakka varutharachath (bitter gourd dish) etc. were the main course of dinner. Appam and wheat dosa were also served to the delegates. Juices were made of bitter gourd, carrot and cucumber.


Serving of the food was also exciting. Instead of steel spoons the delegates were provided with spoons made of coconut shells, which was a new experience for the delegates. Polished coconut shells replaced glass containers for serving soups and juices.

Regarding the provision of indigenous food the foreign delegates, Rajagopal Iyer, the CEO of Uday Samudra said “Mostly the foreign travellers would like to have local food of the place they visit. They always crave for new food and fresh tastes. That’s why we have decided to provide them with the original tastes of Kerala.” The dinner was arranged by the Chief Chef Sebastian with the assistance of Suneesh.

All the delegates were so happy and contented with the Kerala style dinner provided to them.

Konstantin Kutarov from Australia said “the dinner was awesome and delicious especially the freshly squeezed juice and the meals, which I don’t remember the names. The food was fresh and organic. It tasted fresh and was evident that it was pesticide-free.”


“I have been a vegetarian most of my life. People can get the real benefit of yoga if they don’t eat proper food. In one way they are trying to balance a healthier life but on the other side they are consuming food which is not nutritious, which toxifies our system. The variety of food enriches our diet. A yoga practitioner should practice vegetarian food not only for its nutrient value but also because of ethical reasons. Shines is our first pillar of practice. When you are killing animals and birds for your own satisfaction, we are not gaining anything. The Kerala food is colourful, exotic and flavour rich. The food for me has been extremely good and is one of the highlights of the tour. I would feel happier if we can include raw or half cooked vegetables.” commented Ximena Gutierrez from Nicaragua

The foreign delegates have been in Kerala as part of The Yoga Ambassadors Tour 2018, organized by ATTOI (Association of Tourism Trade Organizations, India), in association with Ministry of Ayush and Kerala Tourism. The event, aimed at propagating Kerala as a global destination for yoga, will conclude on International Yoga Day- 21st June 2018.