IMA dismisses Nipah threat, assures Kerala is safe

In what can be called a huge relief to Keralites, IMA President Dr Ravi Wankedekar, who is in Kerala for the IMA conference, has stated that the Nipah virus outbreak doesn’t hold any threat in Kerala.

Lauding the doctors in Kerala who had been prompt enough to spot the virus as soon as it appeared, Dr Wankedekar said that the Kerala government and the healthcare agencies did a great job by putting up resistance to the virus.

Though the doctors didn’t have any forewarning or experience about the virus, they were able to detect the virus and act fast to put up a resistance. This was done even without any prior training or equipment. The fact that other nations who had experienced the Nipah virus outbreak had taken months to detect the virus brings to the fore that the fast action by the Indian doctors shows their expertise, which is commendable, he said.

Adding that Kerala is safe from the virus, Dr Wankedekar stated that around 300 doctors arriving in the state for the conference shows that the virus isn’t a threat at all.