Tourism touches record high in Sweden

The reports and statistics indicate that tourism is the major source of income for all countries and Sweden is earning huge revenue through it. The total expenditure of tourists in Sweden amounted to 317 billion kronor, recording a 7.4 per cent increase when compared to 2016. This makes 2017 the all-time best year for tourism. The tourists from other countries accounted to 42 per cent of the total tourist expenditure.

Tourism also contributed to the total exports of the country last year, registering a growth of 6.3 per cent in total exports. The scenic nature is what makes the tourists draw to Sweden. Reports suggest that there has been great increase in the number of tourists from US, India, and China. “This is an excellent figure for Swedish economy and employment. A weak kronor was partially responsible for the extra tourists,” said said Gunilla Nordlöf, head of Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket).

“It’s mostly the nature that is attracting people. Many people who elsewhere in the world think it’s really exciting to see and experience our open and natural lifestyle. Sweden is becoming a new and fresh alternative for those who’ve already done the more traditional kind of holidays,” said Ewa Lagerqvist, CEO of Visit Sweden.