Global gastronomy tourism forum kicked off

The 4th United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Forum on Gastronomy Tourism was launched off on Thursday at Bangkok. The forum has brought 475 delegates from 52 nations to Bangkok. The forum focuses on updating the participants about the strong linkage between tourism and gastronomy highlighting new techniques and technologies in preparing, marketing and managing the association.

The forum organized by UNWTO and Basque Culinary Centre focuses on stressing the importance and role of gastronomy tourism towards the development of sustainable tourism in the region and increasing its awareness, both nationally and regionally. The participants from Japan, China’s Macao, Indonesia and the Basque region of Spain conversed about the present state of gastronomy tourism in their regions and the global feedback as well as how the public and private sector can create fruitful partnerships. The forum has also studied how the nations can connect their gastronomy tourism strategies to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda.

The forum is being held in Asia for the first time. The forum which runs until June 1st also features dozens of Thai restaurateurs, chefs, food and beverage executives and hoteliers.