Eco Tourism

Myanmar tourism to develop more ancient caves as ecotourism zone

In an initiative to boost tourism prospective in the country, Myanmar tourism authorities has decided to develop one more ancient limestone cave, Hpa Baung, located at Kyaikmaraw township in Mon state as an ecotourism zone inside one year. The Hpa Baung limestone cave conserved by the Archaeology, National Museum and Library Department is one of the largest natural of its kind in Mon state. The authorities also plan to develop a spring in that area in harmony with the ecotourism spot.

According to forestry department, Hpa Baung and the surrounding areas are expected to be extended to 446 acres as a forest reserve. Currently the tourism department is waiting for state government’s approval on the project. The authorities also have plans to develop Esathara, another limestone cave in Hpa-an, eastern Kayin state. The project is planned in a way that it doesn’t harm the environment. Hpa-an is a prime tourist spot that is home to natural caverns, waterfalls, hot spring, scenes of the state’s traditions and culture and other tourist destinations. Hpa-an had also received the ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award in 2018.