Wind park to come up in Alappuzha

As part of its agri-tourism project in the Chembakassery area of Alappuzha, the Pattanakkad panchayat is planning to set up a wind park in the village. The wind park is expected to be open to the public by August 2018.

The panchayat is planning to begin the work on the project by the end of May. The park will be constructed close to the Chembakassery paddy fields on the Padmakshi Kavala-Andhakaranazhi road. The park would be set up as an elderly- and youth-friendly park to attract tourists.

Tenders have already been awarded for constructing benches, swings, lights, and other related works. Cleaning of the place, gardening, and landscaping will be done by Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) workers. The panchayat has allotted Rs 4.90 lakh for initial phase of the work.

According to the local body, the vast paddy fields was the main attraction of Chembakassery and the local body would help revive paddy cultivation in the area.

“The paddy fields near the proposed wind park are under private ownership. Due to intrusion of saline water, farmers have abandoned cultivation. The panchayat will take steps to prevent intrusion of water from the sea along with initiating measures to revive paddy cultivation. This will be an added attraction,” said an official.