Airbnb teams up with Hometime

America-based online tourism and hospitality chain Airbnb has announced an association with Sydney based Australian startup Hometime. The new tie-up aimed for new marketing platforms like community meeting and increasing client listings. Hometime, on the other hand, has associations with traditional accommodation providers like boutique hotels, local youth hostels with bed and breakfast.

“As we continue to see demand for this kind of travel, we’ll keep seeing the number of hosts in Australia increase. We know people have been coming to the platform and not finding what they look for, but Hometime provides that one-on-one hospitality our hosts have looked for in assistance.” said Sam McDonagh, Airbnb Australia and New Zealand country manager.

Being a short-term rental platform Airbnb has an average revenue of about $4100 per year, with nearly 140,000 listings in Australia alone. Bookings for a stay would be around 3 to 5 nights on average, with regular and business travellers.

“We’re still such a small part of the overall housing market in Australia and if this is a way we can help people make ends meet, or if it enables them to go on a holiday themselves, then we’ll continue to see growth in the Airbnb market in Australia,” added Sam McDonagh.