Flight cancellation from Southwest Airlines

American flag carrier Southwest Airlines is facing flight cancellation, as well as delays, due to an emergency engine inspection throughout the fleet running with the CFM56-7B engine.

Last week, a faulty CFM56-7B engine explosion from a Southwest Boeing aircraft which was on its way from Newyork to Dallas, killed one of the passenger, through a fan blade hit from the side window.

Southwest on a statement said that 40 of its 4000 flight schedules were cancelled, due to an emergency fan blade inspection. A thorough checking has been initiated by the National Transportation Safety Board Investigators.

Meanwhile, in India Jet Airways has been warned by the US and European aviation authorities to avoid any such consequences within the faulty CFM56-7B engines.

“Received the latest Emergency Airworthiness Directives from the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) which mandate an inspection of all fan blades of any engine that has accumulated 30,000 flight cycles or greater,” said Jet Airways spokesperson.