Chris Gayle acknowledges Yoga for his comeback

West Indies international cricketer Christopher Henry Gayle, also known as Chris Gayle acknowledges, that the secret behind his comeback is through practising yoga.

Over the last couple of IPL seasons at Bangalore Royal Challengers, he was seen as the elephant in the room, leaving everyone clueless about the cricketer’s form out. At a time when he was almost being ignored by many, that Virender Sehwag, invited Gayle to Kings XI Punjab’s at a price of Rs 2 crore. It was the moment of truth, that just saved Gayle’s IPL career.

“A lot of people thought I’m too old. After this innings, I have nothing to prove. This is a good wicket to bat on, just have to go out and defend it. I’m very dedicated. Since joining Kings XI Punjab, Sehwag told me to stick with the yoga guy and a massage guy; that’s the secret, I guess. In a week’s time, I will be able to touch my toes,” said Gayle who scored 104 off 63 balls.

Gayle throughout the match maintained the adrenaline rush, crushing the Sunrises Hyderabad bowlers to and fro. Yoga has a powerful element for rebalancing, rejuvenation and strengthening the overall performance a sportsmen demands. Also, the message spread by the athlete is a positive sign for the tourism industry, that further strengthens international tourist arrivals to India.