India join hands to reduce shipping emission

India, along with 170 other nations, have signed an agreement to reduce carbon emission from the shipping industry. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), from its part, will do all the efforts to switch the container ships from running on renewable sources of energy, rather than fossil fuels.

IMO predicts that it will reduce the greenhouse gas emission by around 50 to 100 per cent in 2050. The shipping industry for the first time came forward to reduce climatic change in associated with the Paris Agreement.

Meanwhile, studies show that the increase in international trade among the countries is the main reason behind toxic emissions. Around 80 percent of the global trading is done with the help of shipping.

“We have an important agreement, and this level of ambition will ultimately require a sector-wide shift to new fuels and propulsion technologies, but what happens next is crucial. The IMO must move swiftly to introduce measures that will cut emissions deeply and quickly in the short-term. Without these, the goals of the Paris agreement will remain out of reach.” said John Maggs, President of the Clean Shipping Coalition.