Over 4.5 lakh Indians want to marry Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the virtual personal assistant developed by Google, has received over 4.5 lakhs marriage proposal from Indian users.

“Google Assistant is available in India in Hindi and English. It has increasingly become popular in India. We have 4.5 lakh marriage proposals to Google Assistant from India,” said, Rishi Chandra, Google Vice President, Home Products.

Google has recently launched the home-based voice assistant ‘Google Home’, which is a small sized speaker that houses touch panels with LED indicators including a mute switch. It has dedicated far-field microphone that can capture commands during a music playback.

“Voice input covers more than a 1 billion consumers in 119 languages all around the world today. In India, voice input is exploding. Users prefer to rely on voice, instead of typing in India,” said Rajan Anandan, Vice President Google India.