Lamborghini Urus wrap-ups world tour

Italian luxury supercar manufacturer Lamborghini concludes the world tour, coordinated as part of a marketing drive of its latest Super-SUV Lamborgini Urus. The 4-month trip was concluded by covering over 114 cities, that spreads in over 4 continents.

The car has the same design philosophy in terms of its other sports car such as Aventador and Hurricane. Interior of the car has the same cockpit model arrangements in the dashboard that resembles a typical Lamborgini. Around 8,500 participants including customers as well as celebrities and media were present at various locations of the world tour.

Meanwhile, the new Super SUV from the brand got a full booking in India after the global launch. Priced at 3 crores the car is the second version of its SUV segment. Currently, Urus is the fastest luxury SUV’s in the world with a top speed of 305 kmph. The car’s DNA is unleashed with a 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo engine with 641 bhp paired on an 8-speed automatic transmission.

It has advanced Carboceramics Disc brakes from Brembo that gives advanced braking while cruising. It has all the typical features of a luxury SUV with collision detection, blind-spot monitoring and lane keeps assist etc

Urus has 6 modes of drive according to the terrain. Strada (standard), Sport and Corsa(race track), there’s Neve (snow), Terra (off-road) and Sabbia (sand), along and Ego (customisable mode).