Qatar Tourism Authority trains desert safari guides and drivers

Qatar Tourism Authority’s (QTA) Tour Guide Training and Licensing programme has now been extended to include desert safari guides in Qatar. The programme, which will begin on April 15, 2018, will involve training all drivers of 4×4 tourism vehicles.

The training will be provided by Doha Off-road Training Centre and will see guides hone their skills across all aspects of off-road driving including safety, navigation, convoy driving and emergency handling.

Safari drivers will also be provided with tour guide training to enhance their communication with tourists, and provide them with information on the nature and history of Qatar’s desert. Guides who pass the programme will be officially licensed by QTA to conduct Safari tours in Sealine, Khor Al Adaid and southern Qatar, as well as areas such as Zikreet and Zubara.

The programme aims to train and license all desert safari guides working with destination management companies whether on a full-time or freelance basis. In the future, only licensed safari drivers will be able to provide 4 x 4 safaris for guests and tourists.

“Creating a safe, enjoyable and memorable visitor experience is at the heart of QTA’s strategy, and through this training programme we are pleased to offer our partners in the private sector the tools necessary to provide such an experience to all tourists in Qatar,” said Mohamed Al Ansari, Director of Tourism Licensing at QTA.

So far, 88 tour guides have completed a specialised training programme that made them eligible for an official tour guide license, brought into effect by QTA in 2017. An additional 30 are currently undergoing training.