NASA to build supersonic flight at $248 million

American space agency, NASA is about to build experimental supersonic aircraft called the X-plane for a budget of over $247.5 million.

The aircraft, in reality, would generate a cruise speed of over 990 mph, which is faster than sound and can fly at an altitude of above 55,000 feet. According to reports released by NASA, the project would be a reality to put supersonic travel to commercial flights, which becomes a reality by the end of 2021.

“Our long tradition of solving the technical barriers of supersonic flight to benefit everyone continues,” said Jaiwon Shin, associate administrator, NASA.

The aircraft’s length is around 94 ft with a wingspan of over 30 ft. The plane is engineered in such a way that the shock waves of the supersonic remain isolated during landing. Additionally, the current seating capacity of the flight is limited to one in number.