Railway to fasten trains at Golden Quadrilateral

Indian Railway, as part of fastening trains connecting the four metro cities of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi (Quadrilateral) has asked the concerned authorities to improve the existing infrastructure.

The new move came after the officials come to know that the existing services lacked speed. The ministry also said that the trains should improve the current speed of 60 kmph to 130kmph.

Top officials of the Indian railway had sent letters to the General Managers of Indian Railway.  On ensuring necessary steps to fasten the lines connecting the golden quadrilateral.

“A review of the maximum permissible speed of the section on the golden quadrilateral shows that there are several sections where the maximum permissible speed is less than 130kmph. It has been brought to notice that on several sections new trains have been introduced at higher speeds but the maximum permissible speed has not been raised.” added railway on a statement.