This 63-year-old Pakistani plans Dubai-Moscow road trip

Photo Courtesy: Virendra Saklani/XPRESS

Sixty three year old Munir Bhatti, who was born in Pakistan and was a former Dubai resident, is  now retired and living in Vancouver, Canada. He is planning a three-month road trip from Dubai to Moscow this summer. Bhatti has already encircled the globe many times travelling to more than 50 countries and 200 cities in six years.

Bhatti has been cross-country driving since 2012 and has already driven through USA, Canada and parts of Europe and Asia.

“The best part about all of these trips is getting to know different people, cultures, religions and better understand the world,” said Bhatti.

Bhatti plans his trips well in advance and takes a break of about six months to a year between each trip and is now in the process of mapping out his final trip in 2020, where he plans to visit Africa and South America.

“What you learn from tourism, you can’t learn from education. Tourism is the best teacher,” Bhatti concluded.