First India-Bangladesh container train flagged off

The first train between India and Bangladesh, dedicated to transport containers was flagged off from Kolkata. The new project would run on a trial basis and would pass through Sealdah, Naihati, Ranaghat and Gede in India, followed by entering Darsana and Ishurdi in Bangladesh. The train left for Bangladesh with 60 containers (1,200 tonnes) of animal feed.

“The customs clearance for the train would be done easier, delivering the materials on time. Exporters forums had been lobbying for container trains to help them save time and significantly cutting costs,” said Harindra Rao, General Manager of Eastern Railway Zone.

Meanwhile, the conventional trade between India and Bangladesh is done through road means. And also, it would take nearly a month for the trucks to reach its destination. “Additionally, the train’s frequency would be increased based on demand in trade,” added Harindra Rao.