Artic to host energy positive hotel in 2021

Norwegian international architecture company ‘Snohetta’ is about to launch, so-called world’s first energy-positive hotel at Artic Circle in around 2021.

The main motto behind the architecture is to produce more renewable energy than it produce. To achieve this goal engineers will detail over 4800 sq metres of solar panels on its roof tops.

“Nature in the Arctic is fragile and pristine. We have to respect the natural beauty of the site and not ruin what makes Svartisen an attraction in the first place,” said, Zenul Khan, Snohetta’s project manager.

“The project further aims to create sustainable approach to tourism by making people attracted to these exotic locations”, added Zenul Khan.

The architecture has a 360 degree view of the picturesque Svartisen glacier. The building also uses local materials from nature namely stone and wood, to minimize carbon footprint.

“What is truly special about the hotel is its 360-degree views. No view from the hotel is dull: you see the fjord, the mountains, the sky. Each room is, in a way, assigned its own unique view,” added Zenul Khan.