‘Enjoy my Japan’ global campaign launched in NY

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has launched “Enjoy my Japan” global campaign in New York.  As part of the launch, JNTO unveiled a special video series to kick-off the campaign. “By starting this new Global Campaign, JNTO will accelerate promotional activities and improve on a travel-friendly environment in Japan leading-up to the year 2020,” said JNTO president Ryoichi Matsuyama.

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games approaching, JNTO’s main mission is to introduce under-the-radar attractions and points-of-interest to Americans and international travelers. In this sense, culture is a good motivator for travelers visiting Japan and helps break barriers. 22-Time Grammy-Winning Jazz legend, pianist and composer, Chick Corea who is passionate and knowledgeable about Japan, especially the country’s music and culture, are among some of the advocates that JNTO is featuring as storytellers to highlight the destination’s key unique selling points.

“The service quality, especially the human quality is the first thing that you notice about Japan. Sometimes I’ve heard it spoken about Japanese politeness and manners in a negative way…but that’s not true, it’s a kind of humanity and politeness that was built into the culture from a long time ago,” Corea said emphasizing Japan’s warm hospitality.

Corea said that from start to finish, experiencing Japan is like entering another world. “No matter whether you’re going to go for a vacation or you go for business reasons you’re in this unique environment. It’s something to experience if you haven’t experienced it yet. That’s the most salient thing about Japan, the beauty of Japan,” he added.